Portland Open Studios Sign Tips

Each artist will receive 3 or 4 signs. Caution signs are available in limited quantity (until we finish a new design).

Signs are reused each year, so please keep them in good condition!

Signs are your responsibility. You will be fined $45 if you fail to return any of your signs (i.e. you will not be fined if for reasons beyond your control 1 of your signs was stolen or broken, but if you can’t bothered to return you will receive a bill)


Place the signs directly in front of your studio, and at key intersections per the directions in the Tour Guide.


  • Staples to attach to a stake (please remove staples when you return the signs)
  • Balloons


  • Any tape (it will peel off the design, which is surprisingly fragile)
  • Any glue
  • Marking pens