Ruth Armitage

Community 1: West Linn, Oregon City, Map # 7

Words from the Artist

My current series, Down on the Farm, deals with my connection to the land, specifically the family farm. I paint abstracted aerial views of the fields and forests with an emphasis on color, shape and mark making.  Rich, vibrant color embellished by narrative and symbolic pencil and brush marks tells the stories of my connection to the land that has been home to my family.

I am interested in linking the ideas of nature and farming to heredity, inheritance, history and birthright. As a fourth generation Oregonian, the character of the land and its seasons and changes over generations is of particular importance. Stewardship is not just a word, but a daily practice for farmers.

I work in watercolor, acrylic and oil mixed with cold wax, but viewers often have difficulty telling them apart. Use of strong, saturated color has become my hallmark.

Most of my paintings begin with drawing a few simple shapes on the page. I add color and detail intuitively as the work progresses. I work from imagination and observation, often combining both in one painting.

Media: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor or gouache

Wheelchair Accessible: No