Marla Baggetta

Words from the Artist

I try to find the quiet spots with hidden beauties, a richly textured path, a trickling stream of light. Those are the subjects that deeply resonate with me and connect me to the landscape. I hope that you find a connection through my work too!

Each of my pastel paintings is created on archival sanded pastel paper which is specifically made for grabbing onto those small particles of pigment that make a pastel so luminous! The pastels are pure pigments made into sticks using a little water and a binder, nothing more. Most of the brands that I use are hand rolled by artisan makers.

When completed, I spray each piece lightly with a fixative to assist in the framing process, but the piece itself is very lightfast and archival. They do not fade! When you see a pastel in a museum under low lighting, it is not the pastel they are trying to preserve, it the the paper or ground that the artists of that period used which was not archival and is degrading.

My working process is a simple one; I start on location, sketching, photographing and painting. Some of these field studies make their way to the studio. In the studio I use all of that visual information and combine it with the sense or feeling I had for a location and create what is inevitably an abstraction of sorts in that it is not merely a copy of a photo but an interpretation of place. I hope that you enjoy the work!

A prolific painter and teacher, Marla’s artwork and workshops are nationally sought after. Her work has been represented throughout the country for over 30 years. Contributing to many art publications such as Pastel Journal, she is a signature PSA member and an IAPS Master Circle Recipient.