Shannon Buck

Community 6: Northeast Portland, Map # 62

Words from the Artist

I am a Printmaker because I love being a part of every process of Making. It’s about finding a balance between the beauty of imperfections and the precision of controlling little details. My work is a success if it inspires others to pause a moment to take a look at the very small things, flawed or perfectly registered. I also love a good short story, and my work usually alludes to narratives and characters I like to leave unresolved. My main focus currently is using the simple technique of relief printing as a way to perpetuate the raw beauty and accessibility of printmaking. I am inspired by the posters on the streets of Paris in the 1960s and other guerrilla printmaking. This may be why I prefer passing on the traditions of printmaking and connecting with others through community outreach over gallery exhibitions.

Media: Printmaking

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes