Jean Chapin

Words from the Artist

I make hand-built stoneware pottery inspired by nature. My home and studio sit in the middle of a beautiful oak and Doug fir forest on the Willamette, just south of Portland, in Oak Grove. Whether designed for outdoors or meant for use at home, my work tells a story about the colors, shapes and textures I see around me everyday.

Whimsical and colorful, my pieces are playful snapshots – the forest, the river, the barnyard, the garden. My process is very organic. If I see something that sparks an idea the first thing I do is make a sketch, then I experiment with the clay. I try to add movement and joy to each piece. Even my functional work is sculptural. I have fun with clay and hope people smile when they see my work.

I fire in an electric kiln and use a wide variety of both matte and gloss glazes. I love color! As well as being a potter, I am an avid gardener and much of my work is designed to fit beautifully into the garden.

I am a member of the Oregon Potters Association and participate in festivals and exhibitions throughout the year, as well as opening my garden and studio several times in summer through the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon.  I also teach adult hand building classes in my studio. You can see my work and garden at