Davis / Daedalus


Words from the Artist

Anna Daedalus and Kerry Davis are a collaborative artist team and cofounders of Roll-Up Photo Studio + Gallery. Their 3000-square-foot space in the Sellwood neighborhood houses their art and photography studio in the back with a contemporary exhibitions space in the front.

Dedicated to alternative photographic processes, their portrait studio specializes in tintypes and other handcrafted portraiture while their collaborative fine art centers on the photogram, a camera-less photographic technique. They began working together in 2011 as part of 13 Hats, a collective of artists and writers in Portland, Oregon. The team’s first major photogram project, Shadows, was developed with the help of a 2013 grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Their related project, Leaping Darkness, showed at Portland State University’s Littman Gallery in 2015. Their series of large-scale photograms of water, The Columbia River Shadows, will be on view at The Schneider Museum in Ashland in 2016. Their current project, Bas-Relief, is supported in part by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and will be on view during Portland Open Studios at Roll-Up Gallery in October 2016. Bas-Relief is a present-day ruin made by embedding photograms and found objects in concrete canvas, a common construction material. Echoing Classical friezes, the material is then shaped into a sculptural form to relate a contemporary geo-eco-political narrative.