Bob Heath

Community 3: Forest Park, Beaverton, Map # 32

Words from the Artist

35 years working as an engineer has given me an appreciation for detail and design that I now express in the form of glass art.  I have studied with a wide range of glass artists and tried just about everything one can do with glass, but I never get tired of learning and exploring new techniques. I am an active member of the Oregon Glass Guild, having served as its president for 2 years and was selected as a finalist in the 2014 Bullseye Emerging Artists bi-annual art-glass competition.

In 2016, I completed construction on a new glass art studio next to my home which gives me the room and facilities to explore this fascinating world of color and light. My work often features geometric patterns with bright colors, strong lines and sharp contrasts. Most of my work is carefully planned, starting out as a detailed drawing.  I use this stage to try out multiple variations on each idea and to think through the process that I will use to implement the design in glass.  Very often, my designs require the creation of multiple components or sub-assemblies that are fused separately and then cut, shaped and fused together to create the whole.

Media: Glass

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes