Alexandria Levin

Community 7: Southeast Portland, Map # 84

Words from the Artist

Art has always been a means of story-telling about my life, dreams, visions, and observations of the world. I began painting at 17, with a natural inclination towards allegorical, narrative work. Often playing with mixed realities, sometimes resulting in a gritty sort of magical realism, my aim is to present a different take on things. For me, art is thought made visual. The sensual act of painting is one of balancing seeing, while giving form to that which is unseen. The background scenes from years of still-life portraiture have evolved into my most recent body of work. These landscapes are expressive of something deeper going on below the surface. Most of these paintings are based on photos I have taken, many while riding trains, for use as reference from which to begin. The painting soon takes on a life of its own, and I stop looking at the photo. The painting then tells me what it wants me to do. My job is to listen. I enjoy trying new approaches to handling paint. I work in layers over time, allowing color and texture to bleed through. In my world, the best possible place to be is lost in creative flow. Music is necessary for the process, and I often sing while painting.

Alexandria Levin has exhibited her work in art centers, galleries, and museums since 1981. Her paintings are in private collections from Boston to Tokyo to London, as well as the Capitol Art Collection in Santa Fe, NM. Alexandria recently moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she has both visited often and dreamed about for a very long time. She has written books for other artists, and also freelances in graphic design and web development. As the top priority in her life, she is painting whenever possible, ever following her demanding muse.

Media: Acrylic, Mixed media 2D, Oil

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes