Melissa Monroe

Community 7: Southeast Portland, Map # 80

Words from the Artist

My artwork is an emotional display, vulnerable for anyone to see.  Figures showing their authentic selves to find themselves, behind their outward appearance they hide; look closely and they become a mirror into who you are. A journey into the past and future. A history of a land that no-one can remember, a place that has been forgotten and a puzzle to learn the future. I am a full time artist and mother of 3 kids under the age of 10.  I started painting less than 4 years ago and have been full time for 3 of them.  I paint every day and have created over 1000 pieces of art. The majority of them have sold internationally and in the states.  Painting is my passion and has changed my life. My paintings always start without a plan or a sketch. Instead I start by building color and layering shape until inspired to pull a shape forward or to stay abstract.  I use mostly acrylic paint.  Sometimes I also use colored pencil, pen, ink, watercolor paint and paint markers.  I believe constant change is important to a creative process and to stay inspired.   I am always evolving finding new inspiration, methods and compositions.  Currently I have been focused on painting pictures of circus like animals with a vintage feel.  Starting as an inspiration from 1920’s folk amusement park masks and now morphing into imagery from my life and combining with my more abstract style.  I also enjoy doing large scale paper works using watercolor, ink and pen.

Media: Acrylic, Mixed media 2D

Wheelchair Accessible: No