Community 4: Downtown, Pearl District, Map # 37

Words from the Artist

I chose to change my artist name to Quire as it is an archaic spelling of the word “choir”which loosely translated means; many voices one expression.

I have always broken the introverted artist stereotype as I love people! My work has always centered on the discussion of who we are and who we are to be together. In my previous work that discussion has explored themes of the American female psyche, poetic sentimentality, and inequality in our cultural power structures. Both in current and past works, this discussion is communicated through a sense of reflection and connection.  Utilizing symbolic visual imagery and representational characters the work evokes an emotional response as it leads the viewer in to a place of reflection and interpretation.

My art making process is a blend of intuition, experimentation, intentional communication, and technical execution. It has evolved over the years from image harvesting in order to find content that represents the conversation I want to create, to interacting with people in my community as my source imagery. In my most recent series I have filmed interviews with friends, acquaintances, and strangers discussing stories from their lives. These interviews serve as my source imagery for the art in this series.

I am a mixed media artist; all of my work incorporates traditional painting and drawing mixed with embroidery, etching, collage, film, and photography. I also mix traditional materials with industrial materials and digital media. By mixing industrial materials with traditional I can relate an esthetic of completeness and substance that transitions tradition into pop culture. Through the use of digital media I hope to create a conceptual bridge between pop culture and fine art. The result is a hybrid of mixed media painting and low installation, providing the viewer with an experience of approachability and meditation.

Media: Acrylic, Installation, Mixed media 2D

Wheelchair Accessible: No