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A word from our President

February 15, 2018

What an exhilarating moment – Portland Open Studios turns 20! What started out as an idea to connect artists directly to the public in the basement of our founder, Portland artist Kitty Wallis, has morphed into an annual, educational, citywide art studio tour. Though it’s taken many forms over the years, for at least 15 […] Read More

December Newsletter

December 3, 2017

  BECOME A FRIEND OF PORTLAND OPEN STUDIOS DONATE TODAY For 19 years, Portland Open Studios has made it our mission to connect you, our friends, the public, with some of the best professional artists in town. This year, we reached out to more of you by offering a free app, PDXOS 2017, to find […] Read More

“That’s Two Artists That Said There is No Wrong Way!”

October 19, 2017

NOTE: Portland Open Studios President Kerri Hewett has new roommates: her friend Anna, and her two daughters, ages 9 and 13. While she’s done the tour many years, this is the first year she’s taken kids with her. Read her account below: Preparing for the tour this year I had my work cut out for […] Read More

Friday the 13th

October 13, 2017

Here we are, the day before the tour starts. Our artists are making sure they’re ready for your visits! Some last minute announcements:  Oregon Society of Artists, one of our supporters this year hosting two artists: #42 – Farooq Hassan and #43 – Susan Kuznitsky. Additional artist studios in the building are welcoming visitors – […] Read More

Introducing Artist No. 50 – Dane Eisenbart

October 10, 2017

Dane Eisenbart is new to the tour this year, and we’re excited to have him on board. He was born and raised in the surrounding forests of the Tualatin Mountains, where he could often be found drawing or exploring outside. It’s here that he developed a fascination with the natural world which continues to inspire […] Read More


October 9, 2017

So you want to experience Portland Open Studios over the next two weekends (Oct 14-15 and 21-22).  You’ve got a choice of 103 artists to visit over four days.  It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that planning for your tour might help. Start by picking up our tour guide:  You can download a free […] Read More


October 9, 2017

Hey artists: the tour is just days away. Are you excited? Long-time tour goer, Diane Hunt, wants you not to downplay the importance of this event: “My moment with these talented people of great innovation and creativity, they make me feel like I’m being lifted up to their world, just talking to them, hearing their […] Read More

Our Glass artists

October 9, 2017

How do you like your glass? This year Portland Open Studios welcomes four very different artists working with this tricky medium: Bob Heath, Kurumi Conley, Carli Schultz, and Heather Fields. These four artists have very distinctively different working styles. Kurumi Conley (studio #66, NE Portland) is a fused-glass artist returning to Open Studios this year. […] Read More

Want to get your hands dirty during Portland Open Studios?

September 29, 2017

Here are a few artists who plan to have something for you to do if you visit their studios: You can go to our website to learn more about the artists and get your Guide to Local Artists. Shannon Carlson has some great fun in store for you if you visit her studio this October. […] Read More