"Entitled" at Glyph Cafe on October 2

Portland Open Studios artists Betsy LeVine and Suzy Kitman, along with previous PDXOS artists Amelia Opie, Anna Magruder, Carlie Leagjeld, Jennifer Feeney, Quin Sweetman, and Shawn Demarest will be participating in “Entitled”, a 26-artist group show at Glyph Cafe in NW Portland. Please join them at the First Thursday opening reception on 10/2 from 5-9pm.


Aristotle’s Poetics and The Name of the Rose

Aristotle’s Poetics and The Name of the Rose
by Poppy Dully
My altered books are products of discovery, bringing together books and films. A 1934 edition of Aristotle’s Poetics led me to Umberto Eco’s historical novel The Name of the Rose which led me to the film, The Name of the Rose, directed by Jean-Jacques Annand. I loved the suspense of the novel and the director’s faithful portrayal of 14th century Benedictine monastery life. Using the film as my guide, I created 18 monotypes which briefly tell the story in the novel. I printed the monotypes on the pages of Aristotle’s Poetics which plays a major role in the book and film. The monotypes were glued on an accordion book and mounted in the book’s original cover with dust jacket. There is an appropriate quote in the novel, “books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already been told.” My altered books can be seen at 23 Sandy Gallery, 623 NE 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97232, http://www.23sandy.com , on my website, www.poppydully.com, and in my studio during Portland Open Studios.