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Andrea Henning


Andrea Henning

My paintings are done when I get a certain indescribable feeling, like discovering a connection with someone I just met. I stop some hours into it, others after years. Each painting teaches me something different about myself and my relationship to this life that I’m living.

Travel is an integral part of my studies in life and art and has helped ground me and open me up to a worldwide connection. My paintings are an attempt to translate this sensation in one way or another. They are a reaction, an appreciation, a prayer, if you will, to all the places I’ve lived and been. And all the people I am connected to: my family, my ancestors, the living, human world. Stories, traditions, past and present.

My style is raw, authentic, flowing color and dripping paint, tight detail and words combined with loose, abstract marks. Hope springing from nothing. Making connection that seem impossible. Creating a more peaceful place to live amidst chaos, uncertainty and fear.

Acrylic | Watercolor / ink
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 11
Facebook: Andrea Henning Design and Art
Instagram: andreahenningart