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Carol Pulvermacher


Carol Pulvermacher

I am best known for my Wildlife Pyrographic work. With a wide variety of wood species as my canvas, 2D and 3D (sometimes using unfinished, refinished, or creating my own furniture pieces) I draw the animal(s) on the wood first. Then I burn the likeness into the wood.  The next step is to add pencil color, stain and paints to bring each piece to life.

My current body of work includes mosaic design elements in the wood burning, some NW native stylized design, abstract paint and abstract stain. Often the wood that I use steers the creative direction, always with nature in mind.  Animals, plants, colors all take on a life as I work, with the original idea often changing as I proceed.  More recently I enjoy a form of abstract drip expression with paint and stains.  I find this creative form very freeing, and am able to express myself in a whole new way.

Pyrography | Wood | Mixed Medix 2D | Mixed Media 3D
Community: Lake Oswego
Studio Number: 76