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David Carmack Lewis


David Carmack Lewis

I have been a professional visual artist for almost four decades and received numerous honors, awards and grants for both my studio work and my public art practice. I create imagery that frequently explores landscapes of the American West, using dramatic lighting and/or elements of the unexpected to create a kind of magic realism.

My work embraces both narrative and metaphor, among the oldest tools of art, to find new meaning in, and new ways of seeing the familiar. I also create large scale, site specific murals, with an aim to make public art that is relevant to its cultural, built and natural environments. The murals are a direct extension of my studio work, the imagery derived from or closely related to my works on paper and canvas.

Oil | Watercolor / Ink
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 3
Facebook: davidcarmacklewis
Instagram: davidcarmacklewis