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David Trowbridge


David Trowbridge

My paintings involve spontaneity, simplification, translation, and the act of seeing. I paint from nature mostly, relying heavily on what I see to offer suggestions on what I might paint – from color to form to composition.

The visual source acts as the picture’s tether. All pictures are based on what I see, but are simplified a great deal to the point of abstraction, or nearly so. I see myself as a translator. A tree in nature is one language, and a tree in paint is another entirely different one.

In 2020 I began to add another dimension to my painting. Inspired by Jasper Johns’ saying “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.” I decided to do something else to my paintings. I now incorporate graffiti-like marks familiar to any city dweller. As a result, the paintings go through a process of making forms ambiguous, and then making forms from the ambiguity.

Acrylic | Digital
Community: SW Portland
Studio Number: 93
Instagram: @paint_dpt