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Elisabeth Walden


Elisabeth Walden

My art originates in my struggle as a queer fat woman to construct an embodied, loving representation of my body in spite of huge social pressure to hate myself because of it.

I know that because my body is fat and female, many people will find me disgusting and think that I am ugly, lazy, unhealthy, and unworthy. Yet when I look at the marks and objects my body makes, I feel liberated and powerful because I can see the beauty in them and in all the different bodies they resemble.

The value my work has as functional and decorative objects, as well as the tenderness and humor embedded within it, is in tension with our cultural ideas about fat and otherwise marginalized bodies. I hope my art causes the viewer to reconsider their ideas about beauty, and to build their empathy for fat people, though I am satisfied when the response is simply to stop and smell the plants.

Ceramics | Drawing
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 23
Facebook: reimaginefat
Instagram: @elisabeth.b.walden