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Hazel Glass


Hazel Glass

Cutting paper is a form of meditation for me. As I get lost in the details, my knife follows the lines until they've led me to the destination: Delicate windows into abstracted worlds.

There are up to 84 layers of paper in these intricate images with depth. They begin life with pen on paper, gaining volume as the design develops, a clear melody of mood rising to the surface. Each layer of my originals are then hand-cut using an x-acto knife, and built up from those 2D drawings into otherworldly relief sculptures.

My focus is on miniatures, as I firmly believe that bigger is not better, and find both the meticulous technical challenges and resulting delicacy of working small too intriguing to ignore. But perhaps most essential to my work is color. Whether the palette is vibrant or subdued, it is an integral part of the work. And while the design is what my art is saying, color is the tone of voice through which each piece speaks.

Paper | Papercutting | Sculpture
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 8
Facebook: Artby Hazel Glass
Instagram: Hazel Glass