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Jessica Swift


Jessica Swift

My art-making process begins by going inward and listening for what it is that I need for my own self; when I create from that place, my artwork extends out into the world as an offering, from my inner self outward, to whoever needs what I have to share. I rarely begin with a plan but instead let the work inform me as I create it. On my best, most creative days, I allow the process to unfold and am not the one in the lead. It's an intuitive, mysterious process.

Making art helps me heal and grow. Through the process of creating I get to see myself and the world through a different lens than when I'm simply inside my own head and in my own thoughts. Making art allows me to process my life as it's happening around me. It helps me remember that I have an opportunity to see the beauty that surrounds me in each moment, if I'm simply willing to look for it. It reminds me that I'm allowed to trust myself and to follow my intuition. My hope is that it inspires the same in others.

Acrylic | Digital | Fiber & Fabric
Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: 40
Facebook: jessicagswift
Instagram: @jessicaswift