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Keaney Rathbun


Keaney Rathbun

My artworks are autobiographical narratives. The images are figurative and gestural, and are deceptively simple metaphors of human experience. They are joyous and whimsical, emotional and poignant. These narratives for me are metaphors of my internal life reflected in the external world as I navigate my way through it

These bas relief paintings are created by carving and painting linoleum. (It is the same kind one would use to create linoleum block prints.) It is my intent by doing so to add a sense of sculptural depth to the paintings. It is for this same reason that I choose to frame these carvings in shadow boxes that enhance the "object-ness" of the carvings. I like that they have weight and mass.

Acrylic | Printmaking
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 20
Facebook: R. Keaney Rathbun
Instagram: keaneyrathbun