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Kimberly Kent


Kimberly Kent

My work begins outdoors. Plein air painting brings me an honesty of light and color that directs me. Nature is the perfect balance of chaos and calm that offers sparkles of color and layers of depth that become my muse.

Light, like life, is fleeting. I want to capture that feeling in my work. Back in my studio these paintings inform my larger work and allow me to play with elements of the landscape in an abstract way. In the studio, I can remove the din of daily life and allow my 360-degree view of the sky to creep in and move the painting along.

Art became a full-time affair in 1983 when I moved to Hawaii and studied art with local artists for over 8 years and opened several galleries together along the Kona Coast where I showed my landscape paintings.  I returned to Portland to work on my art degree at PSU. During that time I opened a gallery and teaching space with other artists. I continue to show and sell my work from my studio and through my business as an art broker.

Oil | Encaustic
Community: SE Portland
Studio Number: 57
Facebook: kimberly.kent.1401
Instagram: kentartbroker