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Cedar Lee


Cedar Lee

Nature, ecology and the connectedness of life on Earth have always been prominent themes in my work. Living in the Pacific Northwest with its impressive forests has influenced my work in recent years. I intend for my imagery to serve as a reminder of our shared responsibility to protect our environment, and to have a peaceful and healing effect.

I mostly paint in acrylics on canvas. In my paintings on live edge slabs, which are the cross-section of a tree trunk, I work the natural details of the wood into the designs of the artwork.

I use photos and collage to plan each painting, then I look at my plans less and less as my painting process takes over. I add layers of progressive detail until it feels finished, often switching between palette knives and brushes to achieve a variety of textures and effects. For me, art is a combination of careful planning and intuitive play.

Much of my work is large-scale. I delight in creating dramatic and inspiring art that makes people say “Wow!”

Acrylic | Wood/Canvas
Community: SE Portland
Studio Number: 58
Facebook: ArtByCedarFans
Instagram: artbycedar
Twitter: ArtByCedar
YouTube: cedarlee