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Lonnie Feather


Lonnie Feather

Following my career as a glass artist, I find myself deeply influenced by an upbringing in the outdoors and pondering the wonder of our universe. There are two parts to my daily art making process. One is a small meditative drawing that takes me wherever my heart leads, without censure, with pure joy and quick results. And, second, an experimentation with casting processes for glass and stone. With these elements of drawings, glass and molded stone, they stand alone as finished artworks. In assembling them together as a unit, a ‘poem’, they offer a reverence and a sublime beauty that I find in nature.

After working for a non-profit that speaks about water’s consequential importance, I embarked on a series ‘Dreams of Water’. It is with this work where I test the shapes and forms of water: the beauty of a leaf and the curl of a snake, or the shape of a vortex and the twist of a vine. It is the process, too, that excites me - the craft, strategizing techniques and playing with materials.

Mixed Media 3D | Glass | Drawing
Community: SE Portland
Studio Number: 48
Facebook: LonnieFeatherArtist
Instagram: LonnieFeatherArt