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Sienna Morris

I draw figurative work entirely with numbers and equations by hand. My work is mostly pen on watercolor wash or hand etched on scratchboard or metal, occasionally incorporating oil paint and ink. These pieces take me roughly 100 hours to draw and upwards of a year to research. They are best viewed with a magnifying glass, curiosity, and a little time.

The numbers and equations tell a story of the subject through the scientific data and formulas that compose them. From measuring the health of a human heart to calculating the probability of life in the universe, my pieces beg the viewer to look closer and ask meaningful questions about the sciences that inspire them.

Moreover my work is meant to remind the viewer that there are many paths to a relationship with science. Either through academia or art; scientific discovery is for everyone to pursue and enjoy.

Drawing | Oil | Watercolor/Ink
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 18
Facebook: siennaartstudios 
Instagram: Sienna Art Studios
YouTube: SiennaMorris