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Rebecca Gerendasy


Rebecca Gerendasy

I’m one of those people who have been creating art their entire life.

In childhood I preferred painting and drawing to playing tag outside on a sunny day. After a rainfall, I would be in the mud making cups and bowls, then leave them to bake in the sun. So it was natural I majored in art with a focus on clay—hand-building, not throwing on a wheel.

I roll out slabs, pinch pots, roll coils, hollow out solid-made forms, and pull these together into an object. Sometimes it is useful; other times it is purely for the sake of beauty or brings one joy - both are important functions! I continue to express my love of color through these objects and I hope they will brighten your day.

Community: SW Portland
Studio Number: 82
Facebook: rebeccagerendasyart/
Instagram: rgerendasy
Twitter: rgerendasy