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Travis Pond


Travis Pond

Travis Pond envisions steel objects through muscle memory, diving each sculpture into its natural instinctual moment: a crane poised for flight, a stalking cougar ready to lunge into attack, an elk poised and alert to its surroundings. His precise moments in design transform hard steel into something exquisitely malleable and soft. They evoke light when heavy. Pond has created a special relationship with steel.

While molten bronze and steel can be used again and again, Travis Pond looks at these metals through a different lens. As the world transitions into the information age, steel becomes an industrial age relic. Pond's sculptures bring to light this changing reality by vividly showing how a kitchen spoon can be transformed into the eye of a dragonfly. Within the hard confines of a motorcycle gas tank, pond captures and one can almost feel a cranes heartbeat within its sculpted chest. The discarded coils of long ago become the lower strength and Achilles tendon of a fox. 

Sculpture | Found Objects | Drawing
Community: Lake Oawego/West Linn
Studio Number: 75
Facebook:Travis Pond
Instagram: citizenpond