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Amy Reader


Amy Reader

My work focuses on bold, joyful colors, thoughtful details, and layers of texture. I create embroideries, standing wool wall hangings, and fiber art jewelry. Many of the colors used in my pieces are hand dyed in my studio. My work pulls inspiration from bright colors and textures found in flowers, coral reefs, and the forest floor. 

Using sewing to create art opens up a world of possibilities. Stitches are a language all their own. They can be long, loping, and graceful. They can be short, feisty, and punctuate a piece with color. They can be entirely utilitarian or solely decorative. Through sewing, I create works that beg the viewer to come closer and immerse themselves in the details. The majority of the stitches in my work are intentionally left visible. Similar to how tree rings create a record of its growth, each stitch records the moments spent working on one piece.

FIber & Fabric | Wood
Community: NW Portland
Studio Number: 12
Facebook: amyreaderartist
Instagram: amyreaderartist