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Andrea Henning


Andrea Henning

I create art that promotes joy, positivity and healing. Rooted in authenticity, I capture moments in time with paint, making the ordinary, magical.

I paint in watercolors (my first love), acrylics and oils. All provide an opportunity for tight, defined lines in some places, and flowing, bleeding or dripping paint in others allowing for contrast and an ample amount of a happy accident.  My style is raw and expressive, not an exact representation.

Im deeply inspired by quiet observation (a skill I've been honing since childhood), and find inspiration in travel to foreign countries as well as at home in my North Portland neighborhood and surrounding nature.

By infusing emotion on canvas, my paintings are an honest conduit for life.

Addresses: 7636 N Fowler Ave Portland OR

Acrylic | Watercolor / ink
Community: North Portland
Studio Number: 24
Facebook: Andrea Henning Design and Art
Instagram: andreahenningart