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Anshula Tayal


Anshula Tayal

I am an Indian born artist residing in Portland, Oregon. My work can be defined as figurative representational form of art. I draw inspiration from Indian art and culture to create my distinct style. While I have experience with multiple mediums, I am currently concentrating on printmaking and ceramics.
My ceramic series of work is called ‘Kalakriti – The Imagery Memoir’. My work is a combination of my experience as a former architect which taught me to focus on form, shape, and design, and my love of textiles and fabric designs. I give the classic embroidery, prints, weaves and paintings a new home on my ceramic pieces. I use hand building and wheel throwing techniques to create the form, then decorate and finish the pieces with a stylized fabric design through painting, carving, resist and slip trailing.

Address: 4260 NW 147TH Ave Portland, OR 97229

Community: NW Portland
Studio Number: