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Becky Springer


Becky Springer

I am an "accidental" abstract painter, largely self taught, and still (un)learning.
With messages of affirmation and reminders of resilience, my colorful and bold art tells my story of survived trauma, learned vulnerability, untethered joy, and often political rage.
I invite everyone, especially the broken, the shiny, the misfits, and the rebels, into my space to explore their own stories, let go of learned belief systems, and paint in community.
I have always been creative, but like so many others, artistic expression took a backseat to the business of life and enduring capitalism. It wasn't until my mid 30's that I was drawn to paint out of necessity. After painfully "divorcing" my unhealthy biological family, a long journey with infertility that led to the discovery of uterine cancer, and subsequent mental health struggles, I needed creativity more than ever.
I enjoy going inward and creating for hours alone in my studio (with the music blasting and the dancing in full effect), but my sweet spot is making art in community and offering inclusive workshops and retreats for others to do the same. As a queer, fat, and disabled person, I often don't fit in traditional art scenes so I opted to create my own space. Now I operate the most beautifully curated studio of my dreams in Northeast Portland and invite you to join me there.

Address: 309 NE Wygant St Portland, OR 97211

Acrylic | Mixed Media | Painting
Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: