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Dianna Shyne


Dianna Shyne

Because I am a contemporary impressionist painter, light is my main subject.
I paint the images and events of my life in the light. In addition to this passion for the light is an equal obsession with the expressive textural qualities of paint.
On my canvasses I try to combine the outer observation of light and its unique moment to moment characteristics with inner expressions of color and passionate brushwork.
My painting is an attempt to fuse the mood of the moment with my personal inner dynamic.

I love the expressive texture of paint, so I use large brushes, palette knives, rubber painting spatulas, my hands. I love everything about painting - the weight and feel of the brush in my hand, that initial squeeze from a new tube of paint, or the first stroke on a fresh canvas.

Painting is pure delight. It is a meditation and practice in present moment awareness.

After forty years into it, painting is still new.

Address: 1014 NE 148th Portland, OR 97230

Acrylic | Painting
Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: 58