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Donna Stevens


Donna Stevens

The Watchers
The Watchers

The Watchers

Spend time in nature, sit still for a while, observe the light, and listen to the water, the air, trees, grasses, and animals.  Even still water has its own sounds.  Dried grasses add their voices to the breeze.  A dead tree can have expressive gestures and a sense of character.  While making my artworks, I am remembering the times spent within these scenes, the sounds of the wind moving among the trees, and the many moods of the water and sky.  I use soft pastels on sanded or other sturdy papers. My works are souvenirs of that soothing internal connection with nature's special places.  

As a child, I drew all the time, usually with graphite or ink.  When I returned to art from a long hiatus during which I enjoyed a science career and raised my son, I began with charcoal.  The tactile nature of using soft pastels on sanded papers seemed a natural transition from charcoal to color.

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Address: 1014 NE 148th Ave Portland, OR 97230

Community: NE Portland
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