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Heather John


Heather John

I create one of a kind contemporary sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. My gemstone pieces are designed to celebrate the natural beauty and unique personalities of hand-selected, artfully-cut stones, some of which I cut myself. The settings are an important design element, architectural in form and modern in sensibility, framing the wonders of Earth. My complementary all silver pieces share the same design sensibilities of clean, fluid lines, graceful volume and movement, and wearability for years to come. Starting with recycled sterling silver sheet and wire, elements are sawn and cut, shaped with hand tools and hammers, fine-tuned with files and sandpaper, then soldered together using an oxygen and propane torch. Paying attention to every detail, I carefully finish my work with a variety of polishing tools and wheels. Bezels, prongs, chains, clasps, rings, are all hand-crafted using the same essential materials and tools.

Address: 1675 NW 138th Avenue Portland, OR 97229

Community: NW Portland
Studio Number: 7