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Maile Sand


Maile Sand

It is with a deep sense of wonder that I walk in the world. I find beauty in the minutiae and grandeur and I am humbled by it. Through the years that I raised my young children, I developed a practice of listening and bearing witness to the wonder and art of the created world that surrounds us. It is a practice that has taught me to see and value everything. My belief in the divine creator fuels my imagination and I see God as the true artist of creation. I yearn to participate in this artistic expression and I respond to that call upon my soul through painting.

I paint with oils on stretched canvas or oil paper boards. I typically paint from photographs that I have taken or friends have taken with me in mind. Drawn to the play of light in the world, I find light and reflection mesmerizing. Thus, light is often the defining feature in my paintings. While my art would likely be categorized as 'Realism', I do not strive to paint realistically. My objective is to invite the viewer to collectively bear witness and join me in marveling at the beauty of the world around us.

Address: 1801 NW Upsure #790 Portland, OR

Oil | Painting
Community: NW Portland

Studio Number: 11