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Melissa Moline


Melissa Moline

MOLINE jewelry is architecturally inspired; focusing on varying line thicknesses, bold shapes, textures and movement. Each piece is hand forged from brass and sterling silver wire, highlighting stone and glass components with sleek connections.

Inspired by Portland and made by an Oregonian, the MOLINE etched line features the Portland Bridges and Mount Hood. This jewelry series is a tribute to Portland and an homage to Oregon.  Beginning as only a sketchbook sketch, these pendants were drawn on location, in view of their expansive inspiration.

I’m a jewelry designer and I work as the lead designer for an architecture firm in Portland. I use the same design concepts in building as I do in jewelry design.  I design and work out of my home and a small shop in which I do all of my soldering. I work with one assistant; when possible we source all of our metal and stones locally. Looking first in Portland shops before expanding to the rest of the northwest and then the United States.

7116 Fiske Ave Portland OR 97203

Jewelry | Metal
Community:  North Portland
Studio Number: 29
Facebook: Moline Jewelry 
Instagram: Moline Jewelry