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Nathan Cline


Nathan Cline

My art --blacksmithing, is one of the most ancient, bringing form and function to a piece of steel to create a knife or tool that's as beautiful to view as it to use. I forge and shape found metal, abandoned railroad spikes, old saw mill blades, discarded auto parts, turning it into works of art with the most utilitarian of purposes: Cooking, hunting, foraging, gardening, and even making more art.

My designs are precision-engineered for their intended use, sculpted to fit the hand comfortably and safely, delivering maximum strength, balance, and sharpness. I employ centuries-old skills, such as blacksmithing, woodworking, mosaic-making, and leather working, to create functional art that will be lovingly used for generations.

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Address: 1635 NW 118th Ct, Portland, OR 97229

Mixed Media | Sculpture | Other
Community: NW Portland
Studio Number: 2