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Nicky Kriara


Nicky Kriara

I am a painter and sculptor. 6 years ago I turned ceramics into my full time job. I focus on slip-cast planters and use a sgraffito technique to carve designs onto the exterior of the pieces. One of my compositions is influenced by my Greek heritage and is based on a manipulated version of the Greek Key. I have always loved anatomy, life drawing, and the body. Another vessel I make is a planter in the shape of the female breast, which was created to celebrate body positivity. Since making them I have met a large number of breast cancer survivors, nursing mothers, and mammographers. I've also collaborated with fundraising organizations for women's rights like Planned Parenthood and The Cupcake Girls. I have also collaborated on a few abstract ceramic installations for public spaces and building lobbies. This is one of my favorite things to do.  

Since my studio can get dusty, it's hard to paint in the same space. I have continued my love of painting by choosing to work on a few large scale murals every year. I enjoy painting on a large scale while moving my arms in large, sweeping motions to paint. It's a different kind of physical work than using clay and they balance each other well. Since I've seen Portland change so much over the years, I have a desire to preserve the history and memory of places around the city. I am inspired by ecological preservation, nature, and history. My style is graphic and colorful, with intertwined, abstracted lines and geometry.

Address: 6652 NE Going St Portland, OR 97218

Ceramics/Pottery | Painting | Sculpture | Other
Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: 50