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Regina Atwood


Regina Atwood

As a native Oregonian, I am grateful to be able to take advantage of painting en plein air (on site outdoors) six months of the year in our beautiful state. I mainly paint in oil but also enjoy watercolor and acrylic. I also paint in Maui as much as possible. Upcountry vistas looking down on the ocean and the many wonderful beaches are inspiring to the eye of an artist.
Changing light, wind and varying temperatures can be a challenge for an outdoor painter. However, nature is the best teacher for light as it plays off of the atmosphere, affects compositions and color. The mindset from outdoor sites transfers emotionally to the photos I often use as a reference. My studio painting is from sketches, photographs and many small studies I have done and covers a variety of subjects.
Painting is an expression of subjects I love and various experiences I have had. It is my passion to create, and a challenge every time I pick up my brush.

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Address: 778 Cabana Ln, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Community: SW Portland
Studio Number:109