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Lisa Wiser


Lisa Wiser

Landscapes have taken my attention for the past 35 years. In the warmer months I paint outdoors. Winter finds me in the warmth of my home studio reworking studies from the summer or creating new works from my travel photos. I am attracted to subjects that express nature with a nod towards  human activity. 

Currently my compositions are driven by moody light and unusual weather effects I observe in the field. Water soluble oils are perfect for  outdoor painting sessions and acrylics layer nicely in the studio. Curiously I have noted that each painting develops a childlike personality as I work. Some are cooperative and others simply misbehave. I enjoy guiding the process along intuitively towards the last finishing touches and the maturity of the final result.

My artistic influences include the Italian Renaissance painters, Dutch Masters, Andrew Wyeth and my father who taught me technical drawing skills at an early age.


Address: 2461 Summit Dr Lake Oswego OR 97034

Acrylic | Oil | Watercolor | Ink
Community: Lake Oswego
Studio Number: 118
Facebook: LisaFinchWiser
Instagram: LisaWiser
Twitter: @wiserart
Pinterest: wiserart