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Zachary McRae


Zachary McRae

I am self-taught and work intuitively, employing process-based, automatic techniques to generate layered abstract acrylic and oil paintings. I spend a great deal of time scrutinizing my in-progress works, allowing them to develop over the course of weeks, months and sometimes years. In this way, my paintings become containers for my experience, and serve to represent the workings of my mind during the time that I spent producing them.  

I've always been compelled to make art, but it wasn't until I'd suffered through a traumatic brain injury (caused by my own recklessness) in 2014 that I began to take my creative passion seriously. After recovering, I became determined to use the gift of my life more intentionally than I had previously been accustomed to doing; for me, this primarily means pouring my energy into painting.

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Address: 417 SE 11th ave, Portland or, 97214

Acrylic | Drawing | Oil | Painting
Community: SE Portland
Studio Number: 82