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Erin LaCerra

Erin LaCerra

Erin LaCerra

Painting (for me) is a reflection of my relationship with nature. As a child, I developed a spiritual understanding of the environment. Plants, animals, water, earth and sky. I felt a deep kinship with them all and began to channel this connection through creative expression.

In adulthood, I have cultivated meditation and dream practices. These alternative realms of consciousness provide a great deal of visual information. Sometimes I know what the messages mean and sometimes not. These visions are distinct motivators for my painting, in addition to the inspiration I find in nature.

I am also captivated by atmospheric phenomena that occur at twilight, dusk and dawn. The way the sun and weather affects the light distribution and air pressure at these transitional times reveals a full spectrum of colors and a vast range of values between the fore, middle and background.  I am always chasing the next sunset as I attempt to capture these fleeting moments in my compositions.

I have experimented with many mediums over the course of my career, but have found watercolor to be my greatest collaborator. Painting with it feels like having a conversation. When I apply a wash of color, it is my turn to speak. As the paint disperses, it is my turn to listen. Sometimes the process is slow and other times, rapid. I find working with watercolor to be like a meditation in and of itself.

I take a fair amount of artistic license in experimenting with my color palette. I intentionally place complimentary colors next to each other to make them appear more luminous. My brush strokes vary from tight to loose, which further alters the sense of normal reality.  

Viewers often comment that my work is dreamlike, contemplative and uplifting. Many of my paintings have a unifying quality, transcending the bounds of gender, race, age, language and culture. As a fully self-employed artist, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing my work provides value and meaning for my audience. I hope my work comes to be regarded as a balm used to soothe the hurts of the human condition. With my legacy of work I aim to spark a little magic in the mind and ignite a small fire in the heart of viewers around the world.

Address: 3639 NE 78th Ave Portland OR 97213

Community: NE Portland
Studio Number: 31