Interview of Deborah Marble

I am so excited about this idea.  Karen Lewis,  PDXOS artist #6, is interviewing all the artists in her area.  This is such a great idea.  I hope all the artists on the tour go out and interview each other.  Let’s get some excitement generated for the tour!

Here is here first interview, of Deborah Marble, Artist #7.

Deborah Marble has been interested in drawing people since childhood. Years of experience in drawing and painting from life have given her a unique way of expressing the human figure. She was a courtroom sketch artist for many years, before cameras were allowed in courtrooms. There she learned to work quickly, putting down on paper the distinguishing features of faces, the nuances of body language. Scenes surrounding people are suggested in a few lines and shapes, just enough to set them in place. There is a tangible emotional quality in her drawn line and painted gesture, as she shows people in daily activities.

Whether she is working from life, from photos, or from memories, Deborah focuses on the people around her, known and unknown. Sometimes a few minutes are all she needs to capture a likeness. She especially likes watercolor for its “unique flowing and blending quality which suit my preference for rapid results.”

Visit Deborah’s studio on your tour to see her working space, tools and supplies, and the range of her figurative work. Throughout the day, Deborah plans to demonstrate her approach on small pieces.