A delightful montage of textured abstract design

Karen Lewis recently interviewed PDXOS artist #1, Ruth Armitage in her studio.  Here is what she found:

Entering Ruth Armitage’s spacious upstairs studio, you are instantly struck by the abstract work on the walls. Ruth works in a wide variety of painting media: oil and cold wax, watercolor, acrylic.. and all of them exhibit a textured abstract design.

The inspiration for Ruth’s work comes from memories and experiences of growing up on a family farm. “The paintings I do are more personal to me than something merely observed. It’s the personal that keeps me engaged as I create.”

She may begin with an aerial view from memory, or even a title. A thumbnail drawing starts her design, and she establishes the large shapes first on her painting surface, deciding early on a warm or cool dominance of color. The piece then develops in many layers. She adds and textures, using knives, brayers, stencils, drywall tape, steel wool, a kitchen bowl scraper…. tools that she has collected and used creatively many times. Ruth employs personal symbols in her work, but avoids making the piece look obviously narrative. The result is a painting that suggests, rather than shouting, allowing you to discover new passages with every moment of viewing.

Ruth has a full teaching schedule. Upcoming workshops and classes include:
The ABC’s of Abstraction
September 18, 19 & 20th 10-4
in Ruth’s Oregon City Studio: $190 for 3 full days.

A Drop-in painting class on Thursdays
Oregon Society of Artists
Beginning Sept 3, 2015.

Contact Ruth for further information at: ruth@rutharmitage.com

And visit her studio on your tour for a delightful montage of paintings, tools, and processes