A word from the President – General Artists Meeting – June 19, 2017

On June 19, the participating artists gathered at the Multnomah Art Center for the second General Artists Meeting presented by the board. Approximately 60 artists of the 103 attended, along with the full board, and several of our guests representing sponsors and partners. The format of the evening was entirely restructured from the past three years based on feedback from artists and board members alike.

As an outgoing president, I took about 15 minutes to address the audience and then introduced our guests. I’m posting the text of my speech for those who were unable to attend, and at the request of the board. Thank you so much for all of your support!

This experience is so valuable. You all are so valuable to our community, always, and especially now, in this present moment of the world.

General Artists Meeting

Welcome! Thank you for coming to our second general artist’s meeting this year. I’m Kerri Hewett, the board president. I’m so grateful that you all can be here together tonight. I want to take about 15 minutes to talk about our organization this year, and what we’ve accomplished so far, and over the past three years that I’ve shared with all of you.

This year, the board is on fire! We’ve accomplished so much already, and I want to share a few key points with you now. Our goals for this year included:

  • Getting more support from the community; businesses, art organizations and even artists
  • Collaborating with other arts organizations
  • Restructuring the volunteer requirements and fees
  • Improving our communications
  • Improvements in our programs
  • Streamlining the application process

Our successes have moved this organization forward to a new place. I’d like to celebrate a few of these accomplishments with you right now. We’ve taken some risks, we have made quite a lot of changes, and there are still challenges ahead, we all really appreciate your continued support!

We’ve received sponsorships from Standard Insurance, and Gamblin. Their contributions are enabling our Launch party in September and a sweet bag of swag for each of you as participating artists!






We’ve been collaborating and developing partnerships with quite a few organizations around town:

Disjecta, in North Portland, is hosting our launch party on September 19.




Another is the Oregon Society of Artists.. Tim Mahoney (President of the Board @OSA) is here tonight in place of one of our artists. Thank you Tim!

They have offered their space for our preview show, opening night is July 28. All of you are invited to put a piece in the show.


We’ve been meeting with RACC (Regional Arts and Culture Council), Oregon Society of Artists, and Art in the Pearl, to brainstorm new and creative ways of gaining visibility.

Back in May, Leah, Maude and I visited with the Latino Artists Exchange artists to increase the diversity in our artists. We talked about our jury process, and the kinds of obstacles artists encounter when they are taking images of their work.

Our 2017 Guide to Local Artists has already been a great success for the board. We sold all of our planned advertising space creating enough revenue to pay for our printing costs!

Thank you to the artists who purchased additional ad space, and for the support of the sponsors and advertisers.

Restructuring the guide to include the Teaching Artists directory is a great next step in paving the way to having a year-round resource for art lovers all over the city. We’re releasing it here tonight so that all of you can benefit through the summer festivals, your art openings, studio sales, and the workshops you teach.

Portland Art Museum is distributing our Guides this year!


New Seasons is continuing to support us by distributing our guides, along with the two Blick Art Supply stores, and both locations of Artist & Craftsman.

Our Advertising/ Marketing strategy this year

  • KINK – Again this year
  • OPB – Didn’t have last year
  • Live Wire
  • Chinook Book
  • Portland Art Dealer’s Association – for CSA and Open Studios
  • Mercury
  • Portland Monthly

Artslandia: (new features for the partnership this year!)

  • Cinema Screen advertising
    • Theaters: Moreland, Cinemagic, Cinema 21, Hollywood, Academy, St. John’s.
  • Banner ads
  • Calendar listing
  • 2 – “Artslandia Daily” Display Ads

Opportunities we are providing

Artslandia Partnership

  • Co op Mississippi Street Fair – July 8
  • Mural opportunity
  • Artslandia Box – limited to 200 subscriptions. The box contents include tickets to performances, events, various galleries, a journal, and an Encore An exclusive item only available to Artslandia Box Subscribers. – see Misty and Lindsey about the ENCORE – Exclusive Item

Lake Oswego Festival of Arts

Big shout out to Jeni Lee. Last year she engaged with various board members at the Lake Oswego Festival to gain access as a demonstration booth, similar to our activity with Art in the Pearl. While we were not admitted last year, the discussions made a huge impact on their board. This year, they reached out to us to offer a booth and participate, also allowing us the opportunity to sell tour guides, something we have not been permitted to do at Art in the Pearl and other events.

(Additional Opportunities I may have neglected to mention)

Community Supported Art – Season 4

Demos at Blick – Show wall in September

Demos at Artist and Craftsman

Tabling at Artist and Craftsman

Demos/ explainers at Lake Oswego Festival

Demos/ explainers at Mississippi Street Fair

Before I introduce the partners and sponsors we have in the room, just a personal note. This is the last year of my term as president. I want to say I’m so happy to be serving on this board. The board has really developed and inspired me over the past three years. This role has allowed me to pursue a personal passion for supporting arts in our community, and it has enabled a whole new trajectory for my personal and professional life. I have felt a tremendous amount of support from my fellow board members and so many of you artists! I really want to thank you for this opportunity to serve you all.

My personal interest in this organization is really shared by many of our tour visitors, your patrons, so I feel like a kid in the candy store when I get to talk with you and stand up here. It is great to look at all your finished pieces at the gallery, show, sale, art opening, or in your social media posts. But what really makes Portland Open Studios stand out is that we all get to see “that voodoo that you do”, the person behind the curtain explaining the process, the technical side. We get to hear the stories of your inspirations, see your tools, you working with your medium. This experience is so valuable, you all are so valuable to our community, always, and especially now, in this present moment of the world. Thank you so much.

Tonight there are four additional opportunities. Please take some time to connect with our guests, partners and sponsors.


Drizl continues to support our organization. This year they are creating a digital store front. Any artists in Portland Open Studios will be able to showcase their items in Portland Open Studios storefront. We are not taking any commission from your sales.

(Patty Mulligan addressed the audience regarding the digital storefront coming soon)

Young Audiences

Community Engagement Manager

Programs Coordinator

(Kristi addressed the audience)

(paraphrased from the Young Audiences website) Young Audiences is a connector. They bring arts and education together by pairing talented teaching artists with schools and community programs. Students actively participate in music, drama, visual arts, dance and literary arts through residencies, performances, workshops and family arts nights.

In their program, The Teaching Artist Studio, participants ranging in experience from emerging to established will dive deep into their teaching practice and examine the elements at the heart of their teaching: the what, the why, and the how.

The Teaching Artist Studio is a professional development program for teaching artists in Oregon and SW Washington. They believe that the arts are an essential component to a young person’s complete education, and offer a professional development series and workshops in the arts community to empower and embolden teaching artists. They assume that building the strength and capacity of teaching artists, will also increase the quality of their impact on students’ lives and education.

Rachel Beohm

Being an thriving artist requires more than creating wonderful works. To succeed, you must also be able to share your enthusiasm, connect with artists and clients, and promote your craft. Nonverbal communications expert, Rachel Beohm of FORTE, is here to help you convey the value of your work (and yourself!) without apology. Visit her to find out a little about your communication style and receive custom tips on how to communicate presence, credibility, and poise.


Misty and Lindsey are our marketing partners at Artslandia. They are here tonight. Please talk with them about the new Artslandia Box Subscription.

Volunteers –

We will be co-opting a booth with Artslandia at the Mississippi Street Festival on July 8. If you are interested in volunteering, please see Samyak Yamauchi to sign up.

Mentors –

If you are interested in being a Mentor, we have more students this year than Mentors! We have also created a mentorship information package. Please see Rett Breedlove.


Jason Kappus is here to discuss more about the Community Supported Art program (CSA). We are going into our fourth season of CSA. On June 30, projects from the third season will be delivered to the collectors. Season 4 goes on sale in July!

–end of speech–

More information & things I forgot.

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winner for 2017: Dane Eisenbart

Congratulations to our Merit Award Winners: Scott Conary and Sam Hingston

The CSA program to date has delivered 100 pieces of art over the three seasons, and provided over $10,000 in payments directly to the artists!!

Please look for a communication from the board regarding the preview show and a link to a survey about your experience at the meetings.

-Kerri Hewett, President

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