Angela White-Wenger

A sculptor and conceptual artist, Angela White-Wenger collaborates with North Portland orb weaver spiders to produce functional and conceptual fossils of their webs, documenting and preserving the fragile, ephemeral, and environmentally effected creations of local makers, mothers, and hunters. Her work challenges contemporary, stereotypical stories and perceptions of spiders and recalls their celebrated place in mythologies around the world.

spider web collected 09.05.17 Eagle Creek Blaze
spider web, ash eagle creek blaze, porcelain, underglaze
1″ x 7″

web collected 09.23.17
porcelain, underglaze, spider web

web collected 09.22.17
porcelain, underglaze, spider web

Ceramic   Printmaking    Photography
Community: 5
Studio Number: 74
(971) 282-6054 |
Instagram: @aleatorystudio


Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Address: 7930 N Courtenay Ave Portland, OR, 97203, USA


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