Austin Eddy

When I paint it’s because I am committed to making the beauty and unique mystery of the human experience tangible and accessible. The world around me and my experience of life inspire the visions that are conveyed in my work. Aesthetic quality gives value to what’s created and presented. My visual language is formed from moments stumbled upon, ideas emanating from personal interactions, history, philosophy, science, art, religion, spirituality, politics, culture, and technology, or to put it more simply, contemporary life. The feeling of discovery, no matter how subjective, that a viewer finds in my work and turns into a meaningful relationship in their own lives is what drives my commitment to creating.

Oil, acrylic, graphite, charcoal holographic material, epoxy
23″ x 17″

Oil on Canvas
6′ x 4′

Oil on Wood and Epoxy
15″ x 12″

Oil   Mixed Media 2D    Collage
Community: 3
Studio Number: 29
(415) 359-5347 |
Facebook: @theartofaustineddy
Instagram: AustinOEddy
Twitter: @AustinEddy


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 210 SE Madison St STE 12 Portland, OR, 97214, USA

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