Beverly Gimlin

“Mapping the Silence” is a series of paintings influenced by historical research and stories about W.W.II and an attempt to trace my father’s steps to learn more about his life as a soldier during the war. My mother was a British teenager during the war and joined the British Royal Navy when she was eighteen. My parents didn’t talk much about the war while I was growing up, as many of their generation did not. It’s been a long-term goal of mine to combine art making, with my second love, history. Mapping the Silence integrates these two interests. This series considers the scale of World War II, and its affect on everyday people, those often neglected in the chronicles of war. Their stories spark visual ideas in my head, thus generating works of art with history a key ingredient. The breadth and magnitude of this series calls for a variety of mediums and approaches. The challenge is how to optimize the materiality of art to express a complex and highly interpretive series of work.

Acrylic mixed media on cradleboard
24″ x 24″

Acrylic mixed media on cradleboard
24″ x 24″

Artificial Moonlight
Acrylic mixed media on cradleboard
24″x 24″

Acrylic   Mixed Media 2D   
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Studio Number: 54
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Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 2745 NE 27th Ave Portland, OR, 97212, USA

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