Brenda Boylan 

My art is a visual display of all my senses orchestrating at once. Every time I enter into another painting my surroundings come alive from the rhythm of my heartbeat, the glow of light, the structure of design and the dance of color. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by beauty that I struggle to harness these feelings, but I am drawn to do it as if breathing. As I layer pigment down it is a slow unveiling of my inner self to the world, revealing the imperfections that I wish to improve with every mark.
And so I paint.

Amidst the Lines
Oil on Gallery wrapped canvas
36″ x 48″ x 1.5″

The Fall Line
Pastel on sanded paper
24″ x 24″

Lefturn Lane
Pastel on sanded paper
24″ x 24″

Pastel   Oil   
Community: 8
Studio Number: 91
(503) 702-2403 |
Facebook: Brenda Boylan, Artist
Instagram: brendaboylanart
Twitter: @tendustyfingers


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 7830 SW 40th Ave #6 Portland, OR, 97219, USA

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