Brianna Luce

Upcycled Guitar String Jewelry. Designs draw from my degree in architecture- detailed and elegant while still clear and in a way, simple. Guitar strings have an inherent juxtaposition of delicacy and durability. The jewelry aims to accentuate their fine detail while also being built into bold statements of strong lines.

Guitar strings come in sets of 6 gauges. Four in each set are wound strings. I source the previously played strings from family, friends and local repair shops. I brake the long strings down into small segments through cold-work processes. Obscuring the original material intention and transforming them into something new. Sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, and metal beads are used to accent and enhance each piece. Recycled jewelry with polished impact and a musical story.

Boulder Set in Pyrite
Guitar strings, sterling silver, Pyrite gemstone

Marionette Necklace
Guitar strings, sterling silver, Blue Lace Agate

Fringe Necklace
Upcycled guitar strings, sterling silver, metal beads

Jewelry   Installation   
Community: 3
Studio Number: 35
(503) 520-8166 |
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Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 935 SE 111th Ave Portland, OR, 97216, USA

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