Charissa Brock

I have made it my life’s work to explore bamboo’s potential as an art material. While a graduate student at Tyler, I discovered bamboo while investigating other plant structures. Mystified by bamboo’s structure I started investigating how to use systems to create form using this material. During the course of my investigations I developed techniques I still use today based on creating simple gestures repeatedly. Bamboo’s physical structure lends itself to being taken apart and reconstructed into patterned structures. To these, I add details with stitching and glass. The details draw viewers closer and fill their whole sight line with nuances created by the human hand and nature. When they leave the presence of the piece and walk out into the world, I hope they are reminded that there is beauty in the details – that looking closely requires being present, and that the present is where life happens.

Helix Oculi
Tiger Bamboo, fused glass, waxed linen thread
67″ x 17″ x 17″

From Land to Sea
Tiger bamboo, stone, fused glass, waxed linen thread, paper
26″ x 61″ x 6″

Mille Oculus
Tiger bamboo, stone, fused glass, waxed linen thread, paper
34″ x 26″ x 6″

Sculpture   Glass    Bamboo
Community: 7
Studio Number: 84
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Wheelchair Accessible: No

Address: 16785 SW Annie Ln Aloha, OR, 97078, USA

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